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​​​​​​"Gallatin County - Little, but in the middle of it all"

Welcome to Gallatin County, Kentucky! Derived from Franklin and Shelby Counties, Gallatin County was established in 1798 as Kentucky's 33rd county. Gallatin County is nestled on the fertile banks of the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky, in the "Golden Triangle," of Cincinnati, Louisville and Lexington.

This rural gem boasts scenic waterways, picturesque country roads, quaint communities, and lots of friendly folks. Gallatin County has been proclaimed the Racecar Capital of the State, with the attraction of the Kentucky Speedway and Bluegrass Motorsports Park. Along with racing, enjoy the water sports offered by the Ohio River and use of two of our river marinas for your boating pleasure.

Gallatin County is small in size but large in hospitality. It has transformed from quiet rural farmland to a vibrant growing community. Our county thrives on its education and jobs for our students, as well as our citizens.


The National Weather Service (NWS-KY) and the Kentucky Emergency Alert System (EAS, which includes all Kentucky radio and tv stations) will be conducting a  TORNADO DRILL.

The test is to be a STATEWIDE TORNADO DRILL using the 'live' code "TOR" and is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 10:07 am EST.  In the case of threatening weather, the test would be postponed to March 1st or the first day with non-threatening weather conditions.

The purpose of this notice is to advise PSAP personnel of the TEST so that you will be prepared to respond to calls from anyone who might mistake this drill for an actual tornado warning.  I am not aware of any PSAPs receiving such calls in the past but we want you to be prepared in case. 

All involved (NWS, Broadcasters, KYEM, KBA) are taking every practicable measure to ensure the public is well aware of the test in advance.