Gallatin County, Kentucky

Elected Officials

Gallatin County Judge/Executive

Ken McFarland

PO Box 144
200 Washington Street
Warsaw, KY 41095

(859) 743-0369 (Cell)
(859) 567-5691 (Office)
(859) 567-4764 (Fax)

The County Judge Executive is the head of Executive Branch of County Government.

Gallatin County Clerk

Gallatin County Clerk Tracy Miles.Tracy Miles
PO Box 1309
102 West High Street
Warsaw, KY 41095
(859) 567-5411(Office)
(859) 567-5444 (Fax)

Elected official responsible for County Records.

  • Motor Vehicle Licensing and fees
  • Motor Boat Licensing and fees
  • Legal Records including: Deeds, Mortgages, Wills, Marriages, and various other record keeping.

Chairman of Board of Elections.

  • Duties: Elections

Gallatin County Circuit Clerk

Gallatin County Circuit Clerk Pam McIntyre.Pam McIntyre
PO Box 256, 100 Main Street
Warsaw, KY 41095
(859) 567-5241 (Office)
(859) 567-7420(Fax)

Elected official responsible for maintaining the records of the Circuit Court.

Gallatin County Sheriff

PO Box 1025
106 North Main
Warsaw, KY 41095
(859) 567-5751 (Office)
(859) 567-7928 (Fax)

Elected official responsible for the County's safety, for collecting taxes, and for arresting citizens who violate the law.

  • Serves a broad and diverse popluation.
  • Full-time Law Enforcement services
  • Property Tax Collection
  • Election Duties
  • Gallatin County Civil and Criminal Courts
  • Public School Safety
  • Provides Outstanding Services
  • Safety and Protection
  • Practice Firm and Fair Law

Gallatin County Coroner


PO Box 1025, 106 W Main Warsaw, KY 41095
(859) 567-5751 (Office)
(859) 567-7928 (Fax)  or


Official that works closely with other departments/ agencies, duties include investigate and perform post mortem examinations to determine identity, cause and manner of death.

Gallatin County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA)

Gallatin County PVA Ruth Middleton.Ruth Middleton, PVA
PO Box 470
200 Washington Street
Warsaw, KY 41095
(859) 567-5621 (Office)
(859) 567-7807 (Fax)

Elected official that assesses property in the County for tax purposes.

Gallatin County Attorney

Gallatin County Attorney John "Spike" Wright.John "Spike" Wright
PO Box 966
101 East Market Street
Warsaw, KY 41095
(859) 567-5555 (Office)
(859) 567-1458 (Fax)

  • Chief legal officer for the County or Local Judicial District.
  • Prosecutes criminal cases and violations, provides legal counsel for Gallatin County Fiscal Court.
  • Collecting: Child Support, Delinquent Property Taxes and Cold checks. 

Gallatin County Jailer

Gallatin County Jailer Jerry Webb.Jerry Webb
PO Box 406
Warsaw, KY 41095
(859) 567-5941 (Office)

The Jailer is in charge of supervision, safety, and security of prisoners in a prison or jail.

Gallatin County Surveyor

Joe Mylor
859-567-6941 (Office)
859-567-8690 (Fax)

The County Surveyor is responsible for survey records, establishing and maintaining survey monuments at corners of sections orother land units, and reviewing property boundary surverys and subdivsion plans.


Last Updated 2/11/2015